Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Snow, wind, chilly......I thought it was spring!

Old-man winter is still strong, it seems. My friend keeps saying as he gets weaker and weaker, spring takes over.
OK,... I'm waiting with bated breath. Bring it on!...... please!

Despite snow squalls today, and a strong chilly wind, the day had its moments. I had a great visit with friends at coffee this morning, and I just got back from watching a movie in our local theatre with Herb. It was a great way to pass time. I feel like I'm "resting" to get ready for the next two weeks. There's lots happening on the schedule.

I think tomorrow will be a studio day again. I'd like to spend some time painting. I can't wait for the flowers to bloom here. Seeing Misty Mawn's blog, ( http://www.mistymawn.typepad.com/ )I was just loving the blooming trees in a rural setting. (sigh.....) Those images made me yearn to be in Victoria, or somewhere where they have "blooming" things thriving!

And on that note, I will celebrate what we do have..... Here's a photo from Easter Day, the "before dinner walk" with Dave Leslie, Herb and the dogs!

Wishing each of you a wonderful day!

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