Friday, June 5, 2009

June..... The lilacs are out and the garden is in full springtime bloom....

I absolutely love this time of year in Alberta.  The perennial garden is in full bloom right now, the birds are singing and I just want to be up 24 hours a day and miss nothing!

Spring madness.  Life is sometimes like that.  You just want to do it all, take it all in, and before you know it you are extended beyond reason.  You miss out on sleep, don't necessarily eat well, start getting cranky, (and the worst for me is fuzzy-brained!!!!) and start not seeing the beauty and the balance in nature.

And so today, try to be balanced.  Remember to choose wisely what you dedicate your time and your life to.  We can't do it all, see it all, be it all, try as we might!

Wishing you serenity amidst the chaos of your beautiful life!



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