Monday, January 19, 2009

Charles Rennie Mackintosh and His Lovely wife Margaret
(This is a link about Margaret)
(This is a link about Charles)

Charles says:

"Margaret is half if not three-quarters of all my work," and "Margaret has genius, I have only talent."

What an incredibly talented couple!

If you google either of their names and images, you will see a lot of the architechture, paintings, etc., that these two are responsible for creating. And if you EVER go to Glasgow, in Scotland, please check out the Mackintosh School of the Arts, the Tea Rooms he designed, etc.!!!


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Sampanthera said...

Auntie Annie!
I checked out the Jon Troast site and I think you should go for the concert! That would be pretty cool, but would you have to fly him there out there or something?

Yeah my list of obsessions is all musicians. I haven't been reading too much lately so there's no authors :(

And the Secret Life Of Bees eh? It sounds very familiar but I can't put and image to it ...what's it about?

Anywho I'm off to eat/and or laze around the T.V. until I go out for a Mexican party with some friends tonight haha :p

Talk to you later Auntie!