Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 23rd,......where does the time go to?

Well, we certainly have been amusing ourselves in the past week! Last night it was hosting friends for a few hours, and then wrapping some Christmas presents. Today I was going to go and paint some more, but never made it to clearing off the mountain on my studio table! It's daunting! And so, I've been wrapping more gifts, entertaining some of the folks that have popped into the gallery, met with the gang at the coffee shop this morning, and created an ornament from an Anniversary issue Milwaukee Beer Can. It seemed appropriate as we are invited to a friend's place tonight, and we are supposed to bring an ornament for his tree! Here's hoping that everyone else is ENJOYING the holidays! Prepare you heart as well as your home! Merry Christmas!


Rodrigo said...

Hello Annie!!!
How are you doing???? Haven´t posted anything here since we left hey?
I created my own blog too, so I can show my humble art work (When I look at yours I see how much I have to learn!)
Well, the drawing tablet for the pc is awesome, it stops working sometimes but I bet that its a windows vista problem but even tough is so much easier to use it instead of the mouse....
I really want to see you soon!!!!!
Send our love to Herb too... Mariana says she misses Herbs food!!! hehe
Hugs, Rodrigo and Mariana.
PS: My blog is:

Artgirl said...

Hi Rodgrigo!!!! Wow! I haven't checked this blog until today, and there you were!!!! Sorry! As soon as I finish writing this comment, I am going over to visit your page!!! I can't wait!

I was curious about the "drawing tablet", and I've heard that a number of artists are having difficulty with apps. in Vista. I guess they have some glitches to fix up.

I am taking an on-line course using mixed media, especially acrylics, and WOW!!!! I want to teach you guys this one too! Last night my friend Connie came over and I showed her what I've learned and she did it, and the result is quite cool!

I miss you guys! And Mariana would have loved Herb's food on Friday night! Chicken breasts, rice, and green-bean casserole. Then came the piece-de-resistance,....... (drum-roll.....), Bananas flambe served over maple-walnut ice cream and real whipped cream! Wow!

Well, dear Leslie and Dave are leaving in less than a week now! Sigh..... and I wish I was going too. They are soooooooooooo excited. We are meeting with them at Boston Pizza tonight at 5:30 for dinner, and I know we'll be talking about their trip!

OK, I'm going to go now and pop over to your blog!

Have a wonderful week, and keep in touch! Hugs,