Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our Calligraphy Guild "Playdate" Meeting - featuring Sherry Woolgar

Dear Sherry! She made our night offering to share her knowledge about painting on Arches Black Cover with Bleach. We used automatic pens, dip pens, reeds, brushes, doll-house shingles, to apply the bleach to our paper. Then we added colour by applying washes of Chalk pastel. I love the look you get when this project is done.

I couldn't resist trying a few things:
Drawing in shapes
Writing in shapes
Adding glitter with gelly roller pens

I also wanted to try some of the other mediums I have in my studio!

I know I'll have a lot of joy working with these tools more!

Here's what I came away with!

Oh, and of course, thanks goes to Judy Melvin for teaching Sherry and Bev how this works at the ABC Calligraphy Conference in Red Deer last August. We all want to buy Judy's book now!

Happy Creating!

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